Georg Krause

coding - music - building stuff



Foooot is a four button midi footswitch. It has four pages and can control up to 16 midi effects. Currently one prototype is made, documentation is work in progress.

Luppp / Loopp

Luppp is a pretty nice Linux Audio application made by OpenAV Productions. Its focus is Live performances. For some time I was an active contributor, later I even forked the project to built features I needed back than. I did a lot of code reviews, refactored a lot and built new features. Some are available upstream, others aren't because of no active maintainership.


I am hosting some tools: Gitea, Drone, Mastodon, Funkwhale. They run in Docker containers on different virtual servers, which makes it easy to move them if needed.

Open Source Contributions

I try to contribute to the projects I am using. Since the list is rapidly changing, I only list the outstanding on this page. I try to mirror all projects I am contributing to on my Gitea, so you can get some idea of my contributions on my profile: