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Shell Magic


I was using the grml-zsh for a long time now. Since the bash isn't that nice, i just installed the zsh-grml-config package of Arch Linux. Yesterday Micha recommended me the oh my zsh so i give it a try.


At first we need to install the zsh, of course ;)

sudo pacman -S zsh

You can read about the different options to get the oh my zsh here. There are also some AUR packages, which i haven't tested.


For now i use pretty much the basic configuration, i just added some plugins. You need to add them to the plugins=(git) line in ~/.zshrc:

git-extras archlinux common-aliases compleat dirhistory pip sudo systemd

Now I need to get all the shortcuts to make this useful.


There are a hell of a lot themes for oh my zsh. I am using agnoster right now. You need to set the choosen theme in the ~/.zshrc file. If you also choose agnoster, you need to set the DEFAULT_USER to your username to avoid username@hostname before the prompt. Also you want to install powerline-fonts to avoid display errors.

I think I will change some settings when I am more familiar with oh my zsh. For now it seems to be pretty nice. I will write down all my changes here to have a full overview what I have done to get it running.