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Manjaro fresh install

I am back!

I am back on my favorite linux distribution: Manjaro. Yesterday I did a fresh install after some time of using Arch Linux. The reason for the switch is, that Arch Linux does not have a nice looking, slim desktop environment and i dont want to spend a lot of time making xfce not being ugly. Now I have a Manjaro XFCE, which is pretty nice and fast. I like it.

Remove some packages

Anyway, there are some things I did after install because there are some packages I wont need. I will write it down here so i can look at it again later.

The packages I removed:

  • manjaro-printer
  • xfce4-dict
  • pidgin
  • manjaro-welcome

There are some other applications i want to get rid of but i need to do some further investigation if they are needed. So this list may expand over the time.

Install nice things

Of course I installed some nice things, for now these are:

  • gajim
  • guake
  • zsh
  • htop

This list is to get longer over the time, too.