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Jack + Pulseaudio

I am using jack for several years now and i think its fucking amazing. It does what it should. But i am a little annoyed of setting it up time and time again, stop it to switch the soundcard, start it again, restart all the applications which couldn't switch from the old running jack to the new one. So I want some better setting.

And this is just a little beginning, but i need to go this way step by step:

Running PulseAudio and Jack together

Well, this isn't as difficult as i thought. At first, of course, you need some packages:


Now, you need a script:

pacmd load-module module-jack-sink

Well, this is a one liner so it does not make sense to put it into a script anyway. But i have a script to do some a2jmidid magic. Anyway, open qjackctl, go to Settings and set the script or command to be run after startup.

Now you can run jack, play some music from Jamendo and route it through jack. Well, at least you should. Tell me if not ;)